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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prayer Request

I have more to write, but for now just the facts:

  • My friend and coworker, Cynthia, just found out this week that she has breast cancer. (She was called by her doctor while she was traveling on business with me and other coworkers.)
  • Cynthia got on a plane and flew back to the doctor the next day. She will have a lumpectomy next Wednesday, followed by radiation (hopefully) or chemo, depending on what they find during surgery.

Please pray for Cynthia. She is a Christian, and she is at peace about this situation, but this comes at a very stressful time for her (for a whole host of other reasons). Please pray for God's hand to guide the doctor's hand during surgery. Pray for no complications, and that the cancer is fully contained. Pray that chemo won't be necessary. Pray for her health, her relationships, and her family (mom, sister, husband and kids in particular) -- for them to have peace, to be her pillars, to strengthen their faith through this situation, etc.

Thank you for your prayers!




Linds said...

Of course, I will.

Pam Pearson said...

As always thanks for writing. It always lifts me up. I will of course keep Cynthia and family in my prayers and you as well. I would also like to ask for prayer for the following:

1. Judy Durazo (Do you remember Kelly's friend Gina, it's her mom). She is currently in hospice care for cancer. She is a believer and at peace but please pray for pain relief - the pain continues to get worse and the end of this life gets nearer. Also please pray for her family during this difficult time.

2. Please pray for the Hearne family. Their 8-year old son has been diagnosed with brain cancer and is currently undergoing treatment at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. They also have been wronged by a dishonest contractor which has left their home in shambles. We are working to get donations to help rebuild their home as they obviously are concentrating on their son. You can read more about thier situation at

3. Pray for work for Todd. We are going through a bit of a valley also. I count my blessings daily to remind myself that we've been through must worse and come out better people for it.

I miss you and hope to get out to see you early in 2009!!

Sharon Lynne said...

I will pray for your friend.