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Friday, October 7, 2011

Annual Blog - Answered Prayer

So, it seems I have become an annual blogger. Hmmm... I don't like that. I love to write. I love to read what others write. I enjoy musing. I enjoy praying by typing. So, why have I not been here when I miss it so much? Facebook is fun, but it cannot take Blogger's place. But it has. But, then again, somehow today I ended up back here and read my last post.

Good news! GOD ANSWERS PRAYER! Many of you know that. I know that. But I love when God proves it anyway. Dear son Cody is in remission from his drug addiction. My prodigal came home. He left again, but this time on his own to get his own apartment and stand on his own two feet. He's working, going to school, and has a simply lovely girlfriend. Gone are the days when he wouldn't dream of bringing home whomever he is "dating" because his Momma wouldn't approve! He was proud for me to meet her, and they've been together for a year now. My heart is at peace for my son.

Of course, God can only let me be for so long. He recognizes when I need more growth and perhaps more dependence on Him. There is more drama swirling around in other areas of life -- but for today and for blogger land, I am going to simply rejoice in seeing the difference of last year's post and today's. God is so good. Life is good, even in the midst of trials. Amen!