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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Love of a Father

In one of the most amazing blogs I have ever read (, a grieving mom recently wrote, “To be loved is a powerful thing and to give love is difficult but so fulfilling.” This was written to another grieving woman who had just lost her mom. The writer had lost her beautiful baby boy before his first birthday.

I do not know the depths of such grief. I pray with my entire being that I will never know the grief as one who lives with such a loss on a daily basis. But this woman also exudes love. Love and peace and joy. She is an inspiration, and she is the reason I started blogging, though I have never met her in person.

I praise God that I also know such love. The love of a parent for a child. You have all read my heart as it relates to my own boys, as “My Purpose” states to the right on my blog. Today, I was the recipient of that kind of love…I received the most beautiful email from my father. It read,


I know you are all grown up with a family, but you are still my little girl and I love you. This link is a music video that I heard and expresses my feelings.

Love, Dad

The music video is Tim Mcgraw singing “My Little Girl”. I cried and cried upon hearing it. What an incredible father I have. This is a man who has always believed in me, accepted me even when I disappointed him, and though his life is quite busy and at times chaotic (raising his three great-grandchildren), he took time to think of me and send me this song. Oh, to be so loved. What a blessing.

Today, have you told someone you care about how much you really love them? Have you done something that expressed that love in a meaningful way? Please hurry. Do it today. Do it every day.

I recognize that for some reading this, you may not have experienced this kind of love from your earthly father. Do you know that there is a God in heaven who is your Abba Father? I remember watching a video one time and seeing a little Israeli boy running after his father and saying, “Abba, Abba”, and the father scooped him up and hugged him close. Abba literally means “Papa” or “Daddy”.

The apostle Paul says that you can call out to God saying, “Abba, Father.” (Romans 8:14 and Galatians 4:6) The word “Abba” is a loving term. You can cry out to God saying “Daddy”, or “Papa”…and He will answer, scoop you up, and hug you close.

A song, “Abba Father”, written by Rebecca St. James, Tedd T. & Otto Price, really speaks to my heart. It goes like this:

My Rhapsody Playlist

I'm feeling like the eagle that rises
Flies above the earth
And its troubles
Oh yes he knows that
There are valleys below
But under his wings
There's a stronger power

Oh Father - You are my strength
On You I wait upon

You make the road rise up to meet me
You make the sun shine
Warm upon my face
The wind is at my back
And the rain falls soft
God I lift You high -- You are my Abba

Running in this race to the finish line
The only road for me is the narrow
Not gonna stop or even look to the side

When I fix my eyes on You Jesus
Oh Father - You are my strength
Now more than ever


When you've run too far
And the road is long
Can't walk another mile
He is waiting
Hope in Him again
He'll renew you
Then you will rise
Gather up your wings and fly...


Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
He gives strength to the weary
To those who hope in Him
They will soar like eagles

Thank you God, for being my “Abba Father”. And thank you, too, for giving me a father who truly exemplifies You and helps me to see You through his life. May I be that kind of person who shows such amazing love…that others may see You through me as well.


Penless Thoughts said...

My father was that kind of a loving father. We are truly blessed. I've always said, "It is not hard to believe and accept a Loving Heavenly Father when you've been blessed with a loving earthly father."

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

What a beautiful post and reminder!
Thank you...I will!


Sharon Lynne said...

Thank you for this beautiful reminder that we are loved by God. That we can call to him, as a child calls to his Father.

I needed that reminder!

Annie said...

Your dad is so sweet. I have always loved that Tim McGraw makes me want a daughter so my husband can feel what it's like to have a little girl. (We have three boys.) That Daddy/Daughter bond is such a special one. I am blessed to have a dad who loves me and also loves God.